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You're a 
Lash Artist,
Now What?

You're Lash Artist, now what?! If you're here right now I know you are asking yourself these questions:

How do I get a clientele?
Do I invest in product or education?
Am I charging enough? 
Should I rent or be an employee?
Are FB ads worth it?
What's fully booked?
Is it time for staff?
How do I get more clients?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind or spark a little something in you then it sounds like you just need a little a little focus! 

That's when a coaching session is needed!


Goal Getter: You're an ambitious Artists who has ideas for days and they are all game changing! In Goal Getter Coaching you will harness those business goals and ideas over 6 weekly sessions. You will have clear direction and actionable steps and a coach keeping you accountable. 

One Wish: If you could wave a magic wand and have the answers to one problem this is your go to! One Session working through your personal wish!  One Session-One Wish Granted! 

Critique: Is your website and social media converting your views into paying clients? Send me  your links and receive a recorded virtual walkthrough/critique of your pages and a detailed list of steps to upgrade you web presence!

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