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Custom Skin Remedy


I just couldn't make the choice anymore! The choice between incredible skin and stellar lashes!  Skin and Lashes are like the Romeo and Juliet of the beauty industry! Star crossed lovers, together they are a living dream, but their life together is brief before one sacrifices the other! Ok, maybe not that dramatic but you get the idea. 

Great Skin or Great Lashes is not a choice anymore. I have carefully curated tools and products that not only yield some absolutely incredible results but are safe for your Lashes! In taking the time to create the Custom Skin Remedy results and maintaining your lashes weren't the only focus. Your time was a big factor too. You're busy, I know, I can relate. Days are busting at the seems and frankly that good intentioned 18 step nightly routine isn't what you thought it would be, I mean do you really need all that bathroom clutter? Not to mention that little twinge of guilt you feel about the amount of time spent on ourselves for our beauty extras and lengthy treatments that just don't seem to get the results you really want.


The Custom Skin Remedy gets right to goods, no fluff, which allows us to not only have an incredibly effective treatment targeting EXACTLY what you need but also getting you on your beautiful way in 45 minutes. Oh and did I mention you can add a Remedy right onto your existing Lash fill or Lash Lift??!?!  

Buff it!

Exfoliation is the first step to effective skincare. By exfoliation the skin you are removing that outer dead layer, compare it to a trim for your hair. Fresh skin will always absorb your products and mine more efficiently.

 Chemical Peels aren't as scary as they sound and they have come a long way! There are many types of peel ingredients that allow me to customize and layer your peel to do exactly what we want! Did you know you don't have to actually peel for the treatment to be effective?

Dermaplaning is a 2 for 1. Dermaplaning will remove that outer dead layer of skin instantly revealing a glow, we also will be eliminating that fuzzy layer of hair! Your make up and products will glide on like you've never felt!
Microfiling is a done with a diamond head tool. The effects are similar to microdermabrasion except this technique does not risk broken caplilaries by eliminating that vacuum. 

Ultrasonic uses sonic vibrations and good old water to clean out your skin. That water will be flooding your pores with sonic vibrations to loosen and draw out any pesky impurity clogging up your pore!


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